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Hello! my name is Solomon and I'm a Fullstack Web developer having a compact and complete knowledge of web design and development.

I have an experience of 5+ years in web development and being able to keep security measures to stop attackers from penetrating through.

I create, build and design websites of different platforms such as company sites, blogs, business/e-commerce websites, school's portals and so much more.

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Year: 2019
Role: front-end developer

-worked on the basic design layouts and user interface for easy accessibility.
-co-operated with a team of developers to accomplish and finish tasks.
-created and built different landing pages and templates for blogging.
-used front-end frameworks such as vue for advanced display and web applications.
-worked hand-in-hand with the backend to ensure smooth processing.

Year: 2019 to 2020
Role: back-end developer

-validating data and user information on the sever.
-ensuring fast and accurate response to clients requests.
-storing complex databases and working in hand with the front-end.
-clean coding to stop infiltration into website and undertaking security prioprities.
-processing transactions, co-operation and project accomplishments.

Year: 2020 to date
Role: full stack developer

-building efficient, simple and excellent GUI for user's accessibility.
-enabling easy payment processes.
-solving complex and difficult codes and problems associated with our commerce sites.
-lead a team of developers.
-debugging, re-viewing, re-writing best codes and recording large data files.


Web developer specializing in full stack web development and security,having an experience of over 5years .I do posses great and excellent versatility with the stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projets and well knowledgeable with the techniques and backend.

making beautiful and creative designs;building efficient and responsive websites;search engine optimization(S.E.O); complex problem solving and code reviews;innovative and excellent communicator to work as a team;service focused and acoomplishments of tasks.

Do You Need A Web Developer?

icode idesign idevelop

vue js
ui/ux design
Web pentest & Security

why you need a website?you need to keep in contact with your clients and customers as of far locations,this helps them to access your services from the comfort of their home. With a professional website,all your company management can be secured and appropriately delivered to people as it's a big platform for growth and reaching out to the world at large.
companies with a good website or platform for reaching their customers usually have a stable connection.Their growth levels are progressively increasing and more of their their products are being purchased, and leveraged due to the accessibility of their services outside to those in different regions.
We offer a professional quality to all,have your website secured from attackers and pentest to screw out bugs that cause this incidences...take a step now! get our contact details below and purchase alongside out free services.Thank you!
mail us @ Fasoprogrammming@gmail.com
contact us via line +2349064859199

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